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60 meter

imacimus® Multi ION electrodes is a nanonutrient management tool. This portable meter of pH, water quality and nutrients works with up to 7 ions simultaneously.

imacimus® allows quick and reliable sample analysis.

Based on the advanced analytical technology of Carbon Nanotubes, imacimus® obtains measures simultaneously and displays up to 10 parameters (7 ions/nutrients/ pH /conductivity/ water hardness) in real time.

imacimus® an indispensable tool to manage the overall nanonutrients for example in precision agriculture, environmental science and water quality tests.


ten parameters

Compare our multi ions analyzer

10 parameters Just in 60 seconds

imacimus® VS laboratory

Portable Multi Ion Water Quality Meter

Measure Nutrients Just in 60 seconds


imacimus® line-up is a complete lab equipment to analyze multi-ion trends and maximize crop yields simultaneously. The imacimus comes with all necessary material to start analyzing nutrients in just a few minutes.

imacimus® are supplied with a portable laboratory case to be easily carried and stored. All the ions are specific for each parameter: calcium, chloride, potassium, sodium, magnesium, nitrate and ammonium; plus pH. All ions are determined in a single shot. High reliability compared to lab reports.

imacimus® series are a multi-parameter tool available as a five-parameter and a ten-parameter.

Imacimus 10 includes individual sensors, but please choose the ones you need for Imacimus 5. Easy Replaceable Sensors are sold as spare parts. All listed parameters (Ca+2, Cl-,K+,Na+,NH4+,NO3-,Mg2+) are compatible for imacimus meters. All-solid-state selective electrodes based on Carbon Nanotube Technology. NT Sensors electrodes are made using our patented technology and are allowed to work in all positions (horizontal/inverse) No light or ORP sensitivity.

F.A.Q. Support

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Download user guide2023-03-09T12:37:49+02:00
imacimus user guide

Click for download imacimus user guide

imacimus user guide
Main features2022-04-11T15:12:16+02:00

Save time and money

No Reagents. No consumption of reagents per sample. Measure your samples directly without any previous treatment.

Wide measuring range

Usually from 1 to > 10.000mg/L. Usually sample dilutions are not required.

Intuitive and easy to use

The Windows software will able to analyse a lot of samples with its own description, time and date analysis. (.xls (Excel))

Compatible worldwide.

No external power supply required. Powered through a 5 V USB port. Connection to a Windows device is required.

What’s imacimus® for?2022-04-05T12:55:06+02:00

Imacimus is a tool that provides information about macronutrients in an easy and reliable way to be able to better manage cultivation and lowering costs of precision agriculture. (feritirrigation system, hydroponic recirculation system, sap analysis, soil extract, foliage, water, drainage and so forth). Calibrates, measures and shows simultaneously up to 10 parameters (7 ions + pH + conductivity + water hardness) in real time and you just need a minute per sample. Measurements are saved directly in an Excel (.csv) file. The meter is portable and requires a Windows System (pc or laptop) to run the software. Doesn’t need power supply, only a USB port

What’s the usual delivery time?2022-04-05T14:07:02+02:00

Once the payment has been confirmed, production time is around 2 to 3 days.

How does the refund or warranty work?2022-04-05T15:04:17+02:00

The warranty is valid for 2 years for equipment and 3 months for sensors with a manufacturing defect. Take a look at the Warranty and Refund processes documents.

How do I start using the equipment?2022-04-05T15:17:08+02:00

Please follow the steps of our users guide and First steps videos here:

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Need more information? Please download PDF guides here:

When do I need to calibrate?2022-04-05T15:18:31+02:00

One calibration every day you are going to measure. It works for all the measurements / samples

How many samples can I measure with one calibration?2022-04-05T15:33:10+02:00

You can measure all necessary samples with a single calibration. However, a recalibration is recommended every 10-15 samples for the Standard 2 (you can do it manually or set alarm in our software).

How many calibrations can I do with a 250ml bottle?2022-04-05T15:34:34+02:00

It’s calculated to last for 60 calibrations approximately

What’s the lifetime of a sensor? How many measurements can I do?2022-04-05T15:37:28+02:00

There is no fixed number for average number of samples for probe exchanging, although we usually use a minimum basis of 500 samples. There are probes that usually go far beyond that number without loss of sensitivity and others that hardly get to 500. Each probe works as an individual, when one sensor is off, the others continue working properly. The replacement is also done individually.

Do I need to replace all sensor if one has run out?2022-04-05T15:40:39+02:00

No, each sensor works individually. Even though one is used up or damaged, the rest continue working properly.

How is a sensor replaced?2022-04-05T15:42:30+02:00

It’s done individually and it only requires tweezers. Please refer to this video:

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Need more information? Please download PDF guides here:

How are the standards?2022-04-05T15:45:45+02:00

We manufacture multiION standards in order to be able to calibrate up to seven IONs simultaneously. You could calibrate individually each ion with its single standard, but it is not so common at least for agro field. Lab uses can require specific standards, so the use of single ion standards would make more sense.

The methodology imacimus®2022-04-05T15:59:12+02:00

Easy measurement of samples in a quick and reliable way. Please refer to this video:

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How to download imacimus® software2022-11-21T11:54:14+02:00

Please download the software for your imacimus® Series equipment with registering a valid e-mail:

Calibrations & Standard solutions2022-04-11T14:54:15+02:00

Calibration Solution:
HP08 P1,P2,P3
Conditioning Solution:

Calibration Solution:
SAP P1,P2,P3
Conditioning Solution:

pH 4, pH 7
Conditioning Solution for pH electrodes

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